Converting This Page to Hugo

Pretty quiet past here...

Welcome to the first post on my site. I figured I needed more places to show off besides just friends/social.

Read my about page for more about me, and read future coming posts. This post I’ll keep relevant to how I used Hugo to create this site/theme

I’d be willing to bet if you made it here, you are aware of hugo. If not, Hugo is a static site generator, another solution to managing content. With a basic setup, posts can be written in a markdown file, then are built into static site files to be loaded onto a website. I’ve considered Wordpress or some other CMS, even for the sake of practice (in my experience handing over the keys for a CMS is much easier when the reciever has never opened a command line) but for this site it’s well suited. I appreciate having less web server vulnerabilites to be concerned about, I’ve done enough CTF challenge VMs to see a trend with CMS’…

Well, here is my site in all it’s glory. I’ve converted my basic site that I’ve been sitting on for a few months to Hugo now to make things a lot easier. Suprisingly it was quite easy. Starting by dropping all files into the static folder on a new Hugo Project just spits out what I already had before. Then the process of converting over, which mostly consisted of breaking pieces of original html into general templates that are applied to all page, and more specific templates for post lists and post pages.

I’ll include a github repo of my current theme down below. If you want to get started with Hugo, start with some basic examples. Installing hugo is easy if you are familliar with your terminal. Start with the Hugo tutorial, take a look at free themes available out there, and generating a few posts and pages to get a feel. Pay attention to how the theme/layout directory templates are laid out. Templates can be built from more primitive partials to add more handy abstraction. Once you get a feel for how everything fits together start a tutorial on writing your own theme.

I’m still working out everything Hugo can do, but what I’ve got so far works like a charm. Hugo has many more features, but I’ll bite and write off more as I add more to this site.